We understand that a Reference Based Pricing health plan is a little different and may not be an approach you’re ready to take with your health insurance coverage. With that in mind, AgriCare Select was developed to offer a more familiar PPO plan using a traditional national network.

AgriCare Select offers many of the same features you’ll find in our “Choice” plan including member advocacy, Teledoc services, and provider searches, to name a few.

Features Include

  • Network coverage: Traditional national PPO network provided by Cigna.
  • Member Advocacy Program: A dedicated Advocacy Team that guarantees enrolled employees will never be accountable for unforeseen balance bills.  The Advocacy team is also available to answer questions about benefits and claims.
  • Telemedicine: 24/7 access to board-certified doctors through on demand virtual visits, at no additional cost.
  • Advanced Provider Searches: Prices for the same procedure can vary up to 500%!  Our “Guide Services” will assist members in finding lower cost, high quality providers. This option can provide significant savings, especially on higher cost services like surgery or specialist visits.
  • Administration Services: For our plan administrators, we offer reports, quick searches for claims and ID cards and easy access to plan documents and provider searches.
  • Member Services: For our members we offer a dedicated member services team, extended call center hours, 24/7 web portal access and more.
Our expert-driven pricing strategies are proven to lower medical claims costs while offering the high standards of care you demand.

For more information on AgriCare Select, please contact us today.