AgriCare Choice uses a unique healthcare insurance solution called Reference Based Pricing (RBP). RBP may sound complicated but it’s not. Referenced Based Pricing is a plan that references an existing reimbursement schedule – in this case the current Medicare fee schedule. This approach allows us a great deal of flexibility and pricing power leading to lower costs for you and your employees.

With this plan, we’ll be able to lower your insurance costs without sacrificing service. In addition to significant savings, AgriCare Choice offers several features you and your employees expect from a high-quality benefits plan.

Features Include

  • No network restrictions: Members have the freedom to choose their preferred doctors and care facilities.
  • Member Advocacy Program: A dedicated Advocacy Team that guarantees enrolled employees will never be accountable for unforeseen balance bills. The Advocacy team is also available to answer questions about benefits and claims.
  • Telemedicine: 24/7 access to board-certified doctors through on demand virtual visits, at no additional cost.
  • Advanced Provider Searches: Prices for the same procedure can vary up to 500%! Our “Guide Services” will assist members in finding lower cost, high quality providers. This option can provide significant savings, especially on higher cost services like surgery or specialist visits.
  • Administration Services: For our plan administrators, we offer reports, quick searches for claims and ID cards and easy access to plan documents and provider searches
  • Member Services: We offer a dedicated member services team, extended call center hours, 24/7 web portal access and more.
  • Significant Savings: This plan creates an opportunity to realize significant savings while providing a high-quality benefit package to your valued employees.
Our expert-driven pricing strategies are proven to lower medical claims costs while offering the high standards of care you demand.

For more information on AgriCare Select, please contact us today.